Airplane Etiquette All Travelers Should Follow, According to Anderson Cooper

By Hayley Panagakis, June 6, 2016

3. Wear headphones.

“[While on a flight], the guy in the seat next to me was watching a movie on his laptop, but he did not have earphones,” says Cooper. “I was sort of incredulous when it started. I thought, ‘Oh, he must be getting the earphones.’” He didn’t. “I kept looking at him and, of course, I’m too shy to actually say anything.”


This one seems like common sense, but it happens all the time, especially with couples wanting to watch a movie together. We recommend sharing earbuds or getting a headphone splitter that lets each of you have your own headset.


Consider our additions to Cooper’s etiquette list. There’s no shame in printing this out for others to see either.

> Be ready during security. Have your laptop out, take your shoes off and remove your coat before you even get to the bins. Your hands might be full for a second, but you’ll get through security faster and the people behind you will love you for it.

> Middle seat gets dibs on the armrest. C’mon. It’s the worst seat. Anyone sitting there gets both armrests. No exceptions.

> Don’t be a chatty Cathy. You can meet interesting people on planes and, of course, it’s OK to talk to your neighbors. But if you’re getting the vibes someone isn’t into hearing your life story, take the hint. Let them sleep.

> Don’t get crazy with the booze. In-flight service is great. We’ve all indulged in a beverage (or two) to ease flight jitters, but don’t go overboard. A bartender can simply kick you out of the bar if you’ve had one too many. You don’t want to tempt the flight attendant to do the same.

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