5 Ways to Experience Vancouver, British Columbia

5 Ways to Experience Vancouver, British Columbia

By Deborah Elias, February 7, 2017

3. Fun and interactive teambuilding experiences can be found at a host of locations.

In the former Olympic Village, there is a zip line called The Sasquatch spanning more than 1 mile with spectacular views. Other activities promoting a healthy lifestyle are city tours via bicycles, for which Vancouver has nearly 250 miles of dedicated bike routes. For the yoga lovers in your group, the area is home to the Vancouver-born Lululemon Athletica, so to say there are 40 studios across the city is probably an understatement.

4. The Whistler/Vancouver area is as much about artisanal food as it is about the landscape.

The local cuisine is known for farm-to-table experiences incorporating the best of Mother Earth. But the street food scene cannot be downplayed: The annual Dine Out Vancouver Festival is quickly becoming a huge draw, despite taking place in January.

5. Bearfoot Bistro, home to the Ketel One Ice Room, affords the area another record breaker.

“It’s the coldest vodka room in the world,” says Kerren Bottay, a Bearfoot manager. The arctic temperature makes the vodka smoother and brings out the taste. Bearfoot’s private event room holds 10 people comfortably for the tasting experience, which lasts about 10 minutes. Guests gear up in Canada Goose parkas and hats to sample selections of more than 55 vodkas from 12 countries.

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