2019 40 Under 40: Sarah Nonenmacher, AKJOHNSTON

By Connect Staff, March 25, 2019

Sarah Nonenmacher, 27, works in Long Beach, California, as a producer for projects and events at AKJOHNSTON. As a 2019 40 Under 40 honoree, Nonenmacher discusses her passion for the events industry.

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What I do: I produce brand experiences and events. From concept ideation through execution and post-event closeout I ensure my client’s goals are met on time and within budget. All of this is done with an added “cool-factor” that leaves both guests and clients with a lasting memorable experience.

How I got here: Five years of hard work in the experiential marketing industry at both medium and small start-up agencies has led me to my current role at AKJOHNSTON.

Greatest career accomplishment: I successfully produced a live fashion show and after party after unexpectedly needing to switch venues 36 hours prior to show time. Of course, it was an all-nighter making the last-minute changes in logistics, but in the end, the show went on flawlessly, with zero budget implications!

Impressive stats: Over the course of the past five years, I’ve spent working in this industry I have worked on more than 150 events/activations. In 2016, I traveled more than 75,000 miles via air (only counting one airline). 

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