5 Questions With Bruce Morgan, BCD Meetings & Events

By Lisa R. Schoolcraft, April 8, 2019

Is there a U.S. market you think is untapped?

There’s no real market in the U.S. that is untapped, but there are trends. What we hear from our clients is a consistent desire to further reduce supplier set. They want excellent service, but in many industries and service sectors, our customers are still working with several agencies in each space. How do we do more with less? In the agency space, it means not just being able to offer a variety of services but also to offer them really well. The opportunity I see in the U.S. is to use fewer suppliers, but with same level of service.

What’s the next big trend you see in meetings industry?

I think it’s not a big “Aha,” but technology is reshaping how we do business. For us in the space we sit in, it’s continually investigating the technology solutions, whether that is for the attendee experience, how we are purchasing or acquiring assets, automated payment, or on-site execution. And technology is driving engagement. If it meets the customer’s needs and is considered best in class, we will use those solutions.

What’s a trend you wish you would see?

Let’s not make things too complex.  We have an opportunity in the meeting management space to simplify what we are doing and provide and help customers move quickly and nimbly in the meeting continuum. I think we can slow down and simplify.

One of the opportunities I see is, there are a lot of global strategies being deployed in the market from a corporate standpoint. We would love to see the ability to empower those global leaders with regional and local influence to implement change. We would encourage those global leaders to take feedback from local and regional counterparts and work with that input and your program will be successful.

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