7 Audiovisual Trends for Event Planning

By Collaborate Staff, May 5, 2014

Trends, by definition, come and go, but you don’t want to be a year behind the latest and greatest, especially in terms of technology changes. The Rental and Staging Network recently surveyed its members to find out what’s next for audiovisual, and here the seven most popular trends noted by respondents:

1. All-white set designs. Call it the “Apple Store Syndrome” as more clients are looking for the feel of the famous stores.

2. Must have: Touch-screen technology. Setting up touch screens allows users to get a hands-on experience at your event, something everyone wants.

3. Multi-image displays. Meeting planners can create a video wall highlighting whatever attendees want, be it a social media hub or event photos.

4. Pixel mapping. It allows you to put any image onto anything with an unusual shape.

5. Branded charging stations. People want to charge devices while networking with other attendees. And with a paid sponsorship, it’s a win-win for all involved.

6. Unconventional screen shapes. Using fabrics made for projections like Aglo, you can create any shape to use as a display.

7. Large scale video installations. Planners are g going as big as 40-foot-by-15-foot video displays, making a big impact.

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