8 Event Tech Trends for 2018

By Dawn Reiss, February 16, 2018

Gamification with Augmented Reality

In this era of short attention spans, this is one way to get attendees to learn and remain engaged. For example, MeetingPlay designed AR tokens at Marriott’s Corporate Partnership Conference to educate attendees about Marriott’s 30 brands following the Marriott-Starwood merger. Attendees were prompted to hover their app over tokens until a virtual image appeared. Each image provided a clue, similar to a game.

Wearable tech to capture moments

In the world of even tech, wearable devices aren’t anything new. Last year, wearable beacons were popular as a way to alert attendees when they are near networking matches says Schwinger. In 2018, event planners are taking it a step further. They are now measuring event engagement by capturing moments when attendees physiologically react, such as an increase in heart rate, Schwinger says.

Using social media walls

Displaying what is happening via a larger-than-life social media walls is becoming more popular because it shows attendee interactions and gets real-time reactions. The idea is to create a feeling of excitement by using attendee-generated content.

Most walls allow planners to hand-pick content that they can display at their venue. PresentersWall allows attendees to ask questions and give real-time answers using a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Questions can be voted up or down. Tweetwall, Tagboard and Eventifer allow event planners to track hashtags and display images and comments. Tint helps aggregate content. Sprinklr, which was acquired Postano, can source data from 24 channels across 400 metrics and 200 built-in dimensions.

Using low-tech tactics for high-tech results

It sounds basic but many conferences and event planners don’t post enough on Twitter or create hashtags to use on Instagram, which is important for tractability.

Planners should make sure their social channels are clearly posted throughout an event. Consider hosting dedicated photo zones with publicly displayed hashtags and your event’s social handles. Regardless of what you do, make sure snapping or tweeting handles are easily accessible.

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