Behind the Scenes of Chad Hudson Events

By Marc Boisclair, May 7, 2019

L.A. scene-maker Chad Hudson grew up in Charleston, West Virginia—2,340 miles from his West Hollywood office. He loves returning to his roots, where most of Hudson’s family resides. But the founder and owner of Chad Hudson Events lives in a different orbit—one often filled with star sightings.

In 10 years, CHE’s portfolio of events includes numerous Super Bowl parties and Hollywood movie premieres—including “Twilight,” which held the largest-ever Southern California film opening—at L.A. Live, Microsoft Theater and Regal Cinemas. Clients like Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kate Winslet and Bobby Flay have called on Hudson for private events. He has also planned corporate meetings for AT&T and DirecTV and conferences for clothing brand Guess. Hudson describes his rise to fame.

Were you the kid who was always organizing birthday parties and mixers?

Yes, I was an organizer from the early days. It started with trying to get friends together and grew from there. I helped organize large festivals and events in college, the biggest being our fraternity’s first-ever fundraiser that evolved into an annual event, raising lots of money for ALS.

Growing up, was there any one event that made you think, “Yeah, I could make that happen.”

I loved watching awards shows like the Oscars and Emmys. They were always some of my favorite nights of the year. I would make my family watch and play along, guessing who the winners would be. There was something that always attracted me to the film and television entertainment world. At the time, I didn’t know what I would be doing but that I wanted to be a part of it somehow.

How does your business break down, percentage-wise, between L.A. and New York?

Our home base is Los Angeles (West Hollywood) and our satellite office is in Midtown Manhattan. We have staff in both cities, but most of us travel back and forth. We’ve also worked in most of the major cities around the country, as well as in Toronto and Mexico, and other international spots. We average about 60 percent L.A., 30 percent New York and 10 percent elsewhere.

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