Behind the Scenes of Chad Hudson Events

Behind the Scenes of Chad Hudson Events

By Marc Boisclair, May 7, 2019

What are some similarities and differences you can count on when creating events in those destinations?

The similarities are that we have a great contact list of vendors and staffers, so we can always deliver a high-end, quality event, no matter where we produce it. The biggest differences would be the pricing. Things cost a lot more in some cities than in others.

How much of your business involves doing events during meetings and conferences?

We do a lot, and some of our biggest and best events occur during larger gatherings—the Toronto International Film Festival, South by Southwest, the Super Bowl and many more.

What makes planning an event for a corporate or association group different from doing a movie opening or awards gala?

I find more similarities than differences. For example, we recently did a very large event during Advertising Week in New York and another just before during a hotel conference in Houston. They both took the same type of major planning and design, creativity and execution as our film and television premieres. The biggest difference, I suppose, is that there’s less press coverage.

What might surprise people about your profession?

It’s definitely not all glitzy or glamorous. We do so much behind the scenes that by the time attendees arrive they don’t see the tough parts or how the magic was created. I’ve done everything from wash dishes and bus tables to stuff envelopes and move 200 pieces of furniture. If I’m asking a vendor to do it I’ve probably done it myself at some point.

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