Carnival Food Rides High Again

By Anna Dunn, May 27, 2015

On the flip side of organic juices, antioxidant-loaded-smoothies and kale-and-quinoa salads is an anti-wellness movement of sorts, inspired by a trip to the carnival. Sometimes attendees simply want to indulge—even if it’s just for one night—and whether they’re craving something savory, sweet or completely out-there, read on for five rebellious deep-fried ideas to dish out at your next event.

1. What do you call a marshmallow breaded in graham cracker crust that’s been deep fried, placed between two fried Oreos on a skewer and drizzled with chocolate? A fried s’mOreo (above), of course.


2. Get in a serving of vegetables thanks to chicken-fried corn on the cob. (Think: corn disguised as fried chicken.)


3. Feeding Frenzy Food Truck out of Orange County, California, puts a flavorful twist on the standard funnel cake—and can be rented for events. Its varieties like apple pie and turtle are finished with powdered sugar and whipped cream.


4. Turn up the heat with flash-fried Sriracha balls: shredded chicken, corn, green chilies, tomatoes and Sriracha sauce rolled in crispy tortilla chips. Take a cue from the State of Fair of Texas and serve it with a side of extra sauce for heat-seekers.


5. Eat your drink in the form of deep-fried sweet tea, tequila and lattes. It’s essentially a liquid-soaked doughnut—and an interesting way to take a sip or a shot.

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