Christy Lamagna Mentors the Events Industry

By Matt Swenson, December 14, 2018

How do planners adapt to the enhanced demands of attendees looking for beyond the meeting?

Creating an experience requires a paradigm shift. It means providing an event in which all the elements are intentionally placed to achieve the meeting’s pre-determined goals. An essential component of this process is focusing on fostering personal connections. Much of that is achieved through choosing the right event host. It is about the space, how it is set up, the ability of the hotel team to help execute your vision and share their professional expertise to build upon and enhance yours.

Meeting planners need to evolve into strategists. That means, among other things, creating a transformative experience for their attendees. In order to create an experience, you have to have a strategic vision and a clear plan around achieving it. Strategic planning starts with asking, “What is my goal for this meeting?” and “How can I collaborate with my venue to achieve this goal?”

As this program is sponsored by Crowne Plaza, what makes a hotel the right fit for an event?

Hotels are unique in that they offer a variety of spaces to work with, from the massive ballroom to intimate conference rooms to restaurants/bars. These options allow you to host different parts of the event in a new setting, thus keeping the attention of your attendee and creating altered experiences. You do not get the same amount of options with other venues. In addition, if your event requires the attendee to travel, a hotel is the best venue option as they can take care of the overnight needs.

Crowne Plaza already offers meeting planners support that other hotels do not. Every Crowne Plaza hotel has a dedicated, onsite Meetings Director, specially trained by Meeting Professionals International, who offers support before, during and after the meeting/event to ensure that they run smoothly from start to finish.

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