Your Guide to Event Tech for the 5 Senses

By Connect Staff, December 15, 2016

Let the five senses be your guide as we navigate what’s new and who’s who in the event tech world. In this handy breakdown, we highlight some of the hottest, out-of-the-box tech ideas we’ve seen lately.


Why Conductive Ink Could Revolutionize Marketing

Event Tech: 3 Next-Level Experiences From Two Bit Circus


3-D Printing Takes F&B Into the Future


What the Science of Scents Can Do for Your Meeting


How Invisible Light Network Incorporated Tech Into Swag


6 Ways the Meetings Industry Is Embracing Immersive Tech

Tilt Brush by Google: A Tool to Get Creativity Flowing


Karen Chupka, Mastermind Behind CES

Sinead Murphy, Director of Live Events, Web Summit

Lisa Mae Brunson, Founder of Wonder Women Tech and More


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