5 Things to Learn From How Design Live 2016

5 Things to Learn From How Design Live 2016

By Matt Love and Cameia Williams, September 8, 2016

Be inspired by these five takeaways from How Design Live, an annual conference for the graphic design industry, held earlier this year at Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta.

1. Scratch the word authentic from your vocabulary.

This theme ran through multiple sessions and keynotes. While educators encouraged attendees to be authentic in communication with an audience, they discouraged using the actual word.

2. See your company’s brand as more than a logo.

Alex Center, design director at The Coca-Cola Company, urged everyone to remember that your audience responds to and assists in building your brand. “Branding is not a logo. Branding is not packaging. Branding is not advertising. A brand is a feeling,” he says.

3. Make off-site events and sessions more competitive.

Shutterstock hosted Pixels of Fury, an Olympic-esque design night at the Tabernacle, a large historic theater in downtown Atlanta. Onstage, three graphic designers were given timed challenges in rounds with raised screens showing their work. The audience watched them battle it out and then voted on the winners.

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