Panama City, Panama, Celebrates its Quincentennial

By Aubrie Ward, August 1, 2019

Panama City is a metropolitan melting pot of the East and West, making it a central hub for international business. With the city celebrating its 500th year this year with an $800 million expansion of Tocumen International Airport, there’s even more reason to convene where the Pacific meets the Atlantic.

Modern Marvels

The new terminal at Tocumen Airport isn’t the only innovation propelling Panama City’s growth. In recent years, it has welcomed Central America’s only metro rapid transit system, making it easier for locals and tourists to move about the bustling city. Stops continue to expand each year. In 2016, the Panama Canal—an account of human ingenuity—inaugurated larger lock chambers to allow the canal to transport bigger cargo ships, doubling its capacity. Looking to the future, the city plans to open a new convention center and cruise port on the south side of the city by the end of 2019.

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