Timo Kiuru: The Future of Business Communications

By Timo Kiuru, February 19, 2019

I’ve taken a look at all of the Apple launch events in the past 10 years and I get it. Steve Jobs created a launch event formula and, surely, the results must have been satisfactory since Apple kept on reusing it for the last decade. This puzzles me, since doing things in the same way is the antidote of creativity.

Let’s think differently.

“Digital” is an umbrella term for communication channels that connect users. It is a term for everything that isn’t physical. Digital is not a term for technologies. Digital is not a term for only social media services. Right now, digital is a term under which things like cryptocurrencies, smartphones, social media apps, websites, augmented reality, streaming services, blockchain, chatbots, etc. go. What will be on this list in the future is irrelevant, since the list will evolve over time.

Digital today is lonely, passive and depressing. Various studies state that Americans spend approximately half of their day staring at different screens. The potential reach of digital is almost endless. However, digital, for the sake of digital, is a bad idea.

If we spend half our day looking at screens, it means we use the rest of the day in real life. The rest of the awake time we experience something that caters to our senses.

“Experiential” is another umbrella term which means communicating by creating an experience. Unlike advertising, the term experiential can’t be broken down into formatted executions—print, outdoor, radio, etc.

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