3 Things to Know About Suitcasing

By Joshua Grimes, June 13, 2016

Most people meet a lawyer at a cocktail party and use the opportunity to ask a few questions free of charge. Here, free legal advice on the three Ws of one common headache for planners: suitcasing.

150925_RJWeb_HowTo_Suitcasing_21. What is it?
Suitcasing is a situation where a vendor or someone who wants to do business with people in a particular industry goes to an industry meeting but doesn’t register as an exhibitor or sponsor. Instead, he or she hangs out in public areas or registers as a regular attendee, soliciting customers on the trade show floor or in other public areas without paying the cost of the exhibitor or sponsor.

2. Why is it a problem?

People who suitcase dilute the value of your event. Think about it: Why would a sponsor pay extra money to exhibit and get exposure to your attendees when someone else can come in, pay a regular fee and get some of the same benefits they’re getting at a higher level of payment?

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