7 Ways to Stay Organized with Evernote

By Guest Author, September 11, 2014

Keeping track of the massive amount of documents you may have for an event can be a challenge for even the most organized planner. That’s where digital workspace application Evernote comes in. Available across multiple platforms including your desktop and mobile devices, Evernote automatically syncs content to all devices as long as you’re online, ensuring you’ll have access to your content wherever you need it. The standard Evernote application is free, while Evernote Business is $10 per month and Evernote Premium is $5 per month or $45 per year. Both the free application and the paid versions have various ways they can help meetings planners get organizations. Here are seven of them:

1. Search your notes and beyond. You can easily search for certain phrases in all your notebooks and images with the search option in Evernote, which becomes helpful if you need to pull up a document quickly, such as a site inspection checklist while you’re on-site or a contract you need to refer to.

2. Mark edits and annotate. Utilizing the add-on app Skitch, Evernote users can mark up pictures and automatically save changes within the note. Quickly jot down specs on decor items, or call attention to changes to designs or documents to reduce the back-and-forth.

3. Share your notes and notebooks. Share your notes and notebooks with others several different ways, ensuring you can get your information across regardless if you need to send over a document to a team member or you’re sharing presentation notes to attendees. Only Premium and Business users can allow others to edit shared notes and notebooks.

4. Integrate with Salesforce. For Business users only, keep track of your lead information on Evernote and view these notes along with the other information stored in the Salesforce system without ever leaving Salesforce. As Business notebooks automatically share information to your team members, you can eliminate duplicate work as you can see everything others have already put up for a certain lead, including contracts, business cards, meeting notes, etc.

5. Clip your favorite articles. Save and annotate useful Web pages, such as plane and hotel reservations or maybe event inspirations. You can set reminders to revisit it later or share the page you clipped with others, perfect for situations when you see something great for your next event but don’t have time to look into it yet. Clip it, go back to what you’re doing and check it again later.

6. Easily present your notes. By turning notes into a clean, full-screen layout, Premium and Business users can instantly use them as a presentation. Edits to notes can be made in real-time in presentation mode too, which makes this mode also valuable for team meetings. If your information is scattered in several different notes, you can create a table of contents to move from note to note easily in your presentation.

7. Collect business cards and connect on LinkedIn. Premium and Business users can snap a picture of a business card, and Evernote will automatically store the information as a contact note. If your contact has a LinkedIn profile, Evernote can also pull in the data from LinkedIn to automatically populate fields. For each contact, you can add a tag or note in case you want to search contacts you met at a certain event, for example.


This is a guest post from Dahlia El Gazzar, CMP, founder and CEO of The Meeting Pool 

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